Nenggao Historical Trail (Taiwan)

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An epic cyclocross adventure in Taiwan

Nenggao Historical Trail crosses the Taiwan’s Ventral Mountain Range from West to East. Originally used by aborigine tribes for travel and trade, and scene of cruel battles during the japanese colonization, it’s a perdurable witness from Taiwan’s history.

The trail is surprisingly well constructed sorting out landslides, cliffs and waterfalls, with lots of footbridges built in the hill and suspension bridges.

The access from Wushe to the trailhead are 20km of tarmac road deep in the valley of Wan-ta reservoir, passing through Lushan Hot Springs, and many small aborigine villages.

Once at the trailhead, a 16km singletrack drive you to the top of Nenggao Cross-Bridge at 2885m, surrounded by evergreen tropical and subtropical forests at the lowlands, and alpine forests at higher levels. Taiwan pine and hemlock forests, majestic red cypresses of about 2700 years old, dense yushan bamboo cane forests, giant butterflies dancing in pairs, millions of Formosa laughing thrushes along the trail,…

Taiwan has a stormy weather perhaps a reflection of his stormy past, having been occupied by dutch, spaniards, portugueses, japaneses and chineses, one can quite easily imagine how much the Taiwanese aborigines has suffered along their history.

The Nenggao Historical Trail is a lasting testimony of their past with many remnants and evidences of this past along the trail. I rode The Nenggao Historical Trail with conscience and deep respect.

Thanks to all the people at Ritchey Taiwan branch and to all the nice people with whom I crossed paths during my journey, for their support and good advice.