My name is MARC CERDAN, I am a freelance Product Designer based in Girona, Catalonia.

With a Creative Mind, I have the ability to think different, simplify, reinvent and start new ideas from scratch.  I easily understand the market, identifying new opportunities, true innovations and the right moment for them.  I am especially motivated to work in Enduro related projects, as it is the cutting edge of Mountain Bike, it is the field in which I have more experience and that I enjoy the most, but I am open to other interesting projects.

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Enduro Solo Mission

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Past Projects

MotoGP wiring supports


Modular structure to route wires and host connectors for CRT Kawasaki engines of the MotoGP motorcycle world championship.

Modular structure for electronic connectors of MotoGP CRT Kawasaki engines Modular structure for electronic connectors of MotoGP CRT Kawasaki engines
Jewel seatpost 2012




In the 3rd Jewel seatpost generation my main priority has been to make an indestructible product, capable of working under extreme conditions, crash-proof and not easy to be damaged in case of abuse resistant.

Jewel seatpost 2010




In the 2nd generation, I did an extensive redesign of the whole seatpost, based on the same concept but improving the MCL locking system.

Jewel seatpost 2009




First Jewel Seatpost, first implementation of the Magnetic Locking System (MCL).
Awarded with an iF Product Design Award at Eurobike 2009.


Enduro Races



ALLRIDE SERIES were four mad enduro races that I organized circa 2004.

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